Sunil Ghai

Sunil Ghai

Sunil has broken the mould of Indian food in Ireland, transforming it from the humdrum, samey fare we endured for years, into an exhilarating prospect for the Irish dining scene.

A Unique Contribution to Indian Cuisine…

Recognised as the foremost Indian chef in Ireland, Sunil has an incredible culinary imagination and offers a fine dining Indian experience like no other in Ireland.

His skill at reinventing familiar dishes and transforming them into novel culinary adventures is unparalleled. As is his neverending ability to invent intoxicating new creations which seamlessly blend the unexpectedly wonderful combination of Indian flavours and local Irish produce.

He marries and layers spices with unbridled elegance, each mouthful an explosion of delectable flavours. A meal from one of Sunil’s successful establishments is not just dinner, rather a rich journey of exploration and sensation.

Sunil’s Background…

An internationally acclaimed master chef, and winner of multiple awards, Sunil was originally inspired by hours at his mother’s side while she cooked for the family. Armed with a small box of only five or six spices, she was able to invent the most magnificent creations, made possible, he believes, by the love she poured into each and every dish.

Sunil studied at the prestigious Gwalior Catering College, and during this time he was headhunted by the Oberoi Hotel Group, where he spent several years after graduation learning professional rigour from their French chefs.

This experience was central to his growth as a chef and set him on a trajectory which culminated in the formation of his incredibly successful restaurant, Pickle, on Camden Street, which has been repeatedly recognised as the best Indian food in Ireland. Even Bollywood star Rajkummar Rao has described it as the “best Indian food anywhere”!

Signature Style…

Sunil’s bold and contemporary style has revolutionised Indian food in Ireland, combining sophisticated spicing with local and traditional Irish produce. This is no run of the mill, watered down version of Indian cuisine, rather a joyous marriage of the delights offered by the highest quality Irish ingredients enhanced and enriched by inspired use of flavours refined by the epochs of history.

Sunil has mastered the delicate art of layering spices in a way that retains the flavour of each individual ingredient while at the same time creating dishes with unique and inspiring personality.

Sunil’s establishments observe the seasonality of ingredients to ensure quality and consistency, whilst also being committed to authenticity and integrity of flavour. Menus are reimagined on a regular basis to celebrate the specific qualities of seasonal ingredients and the traditional tastes and styles that best suit them.